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Personal Stash: Rosé Savart

Champagne has been going crazy for a few years now. Things that used to be reasonably priced and relatively easy to find are now exorbitant and rare. For example, try to find Frederic Savart rosé. It's gonna be expensive (like $200+) and there will not be many people willing to part with a bottle. So you're in luck today!

We recently got a small allocation of Ephemere, a side project of Frederic Savart. With Ephemere, Savart is working with Champagne Dremont to make wines that his fans can actually find and afford, and I was very keen to try their newest release, a rosé predominantly from the 2016 vintage. I was not disappointed, in fact I was thrilled, and didn't want to tell anyone about it, as I wasn't sure we could get more. If there was only going to be a few bottles to go around, I wanted the option to buy a 2nd or 3rd for myself...

Well, it turns out we can get more, but not much. Who wants in?

Savart-Drémont Champagne Éphémère 016 'Coeur de Rosé' NV - $83

Ready to go, and delicious. Aromas of crabapple, stone fruit distillates, citrus, flowers, a little toasty pastry and vaguely minty herbs. Full and fruity on the palate, fine mousse, deep acid and mineral drive, gorgeous inner perfume of flowers, red cherry, citrus, and fresh bread. Long and persistent, a little tannic and herbal, but the fruit is pure and perfectly ripe to the end. Its intensity and fruitiness make me think it could be worth saving a long time, I'm not sure, but it's delicious now and won't fade soon.

If you buy 3 or more bottles of Ephemere 2016, we will be happy to discount them 15%.

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