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Piquette: Limited Addition 'Public Service'

We bought our first piquette this summer! Sorry it took so long, but whenever we've previously tasted piquette, we were not really convinced...

Piquette is an old style of beverage made from spent grape pressings, known as pomace. To these winery leftovers is added water, and a new fermentation is started, from which a weak and much less flavorful beverage is derived. It was a drink for those who could not afford wine.

Limited Addition makes a deliberate and flavorful style of piquette. In order to make Public Service, they do not use leftovers. Instead they take half crushed grapes (in this case 50/50 Cab Franc and Grenache from Oregon's Willamette Valley) and add water, so you're still getting freshly squeezed grape juice in the diluted blend. The resulting beverage is just 7.8% abv but is wonderfully juicy, with subtle herbal, savory and smoky notes. Chill it, maybe not as cold as a white, but definitely serve it cool. When it's too hot for red wine, a red piquette is perfect!

Limited Addition Public Service Piquette Willamette Valley AVA 2020 - $20

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