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Return of the Jedi: Claré J.C. 2020

... did I say jedi? I think I meant nebi... nebbiolo... Vajra's Claré J.C. does seem to have some mind tricks up its sleeve... is it red, is it pink, is it bubbly? it is a fruity lightsaber?

Many of you will remember this wine. When it disappeared last year we got many a request that it might return. Alas, as with all good things, Vajra's Claré J.C. is finite, and we must drink it while we can. Luckily for you, we always commit big to this bottled wonder. Try it soon, and stock up when you're convinced of its powers. There's nothing like it.

A unique take on Nebbiolo, the Vaira family was inspired by accounts of Nebbiolo wines from centuries ago, when winemaking in the Langhe was very different. Today, Nebbiolo is responsible for some of Italy's most serious dry reds (think Barolo, Barbaresco, Gattinara, Boca), wines that are best left in your cellar, reserved for special occasions and indulgent meals. These wines are aged in oak, and their powerful tannins are prized, the idea being that with time these tannins will soften and contribute to the deep textures and complex flavors that make aged wine so special. Vajra's Claré J.C. is a wine made to be intensely fruity and aromatic, and it is always a tiny bit bubbly. It ages nicely for a few years (a 2018 tasted recently was gorgeous) but it is meant to be as delicious as possible upon release.

Vajra Langhe Nebbiolo 'Claré J.C.' 2020 - $23

Very light red, or maybe it's a pink wine... fans of Cerasuolo ought take notice... Stone fruit nectars, ripe raspberry and blood orange. Myriad flowers and herbs. Airy notes of mushrooms and petrichor. Super juicy and fresh on the palate. As usual, a touch spritzy. Long spicy, herbal and eminently fruity on the finish. Is there a more delicious chillable red in the world?

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