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Umami Bomb: El Pedrosal Reserva 2009

This wine is a no-brainer. It is an incredible deal.

Most of the reserva-level wines from Perez Pascuas are released early and cost $60+. For some reason they also make this late-release reserva and it's $35. I am not sure why, but I'm not asking questions, I'm letting you know that you should take the opportunity. How often do you find a magnificent 12-year-old wine for under $50?

The 2006 El Pedrosal Reserva Edición Limitada was very popular at Craft and Cru. The 2009 vintage has just arrived and, I assure you, it is better than the 2006. Rich, savory, structured and deep, it is everything you could want from a mature full-bodied Tempranillo. One should note, however, that this wine includes 10% Cabernet Sauvignon in the blend. Does that make it a poor man's Vega Sicilia? I might say so. It is really that good.

Stock up on this for summer nights by the fire pit, or for future hearty cold-weather feasts. It is a serious umami bomb, but you'll find it fit for many occasions.

2009 Perez Pascuas Reserva Edición Limitada 'El Pedrosal' 2009 - $35

Umami bomb. Aromas of tobacco, dark miso, mushrooms, autumn leaves, light roast coffee, charred veggies, dried herbs, dried red and black fruits... a hint of black olive. Fresh and lively on the palate, the rich savory umami complex melds with tart fruit that is at times almost fresh and juicy, but there are clear flavors of dried fruit too. Pretty serious structure, though it seems mostly resolved. Acids and tannins are strong, but the texture is quite smooth and velvety. It is mature and burnished. The complex finish is where the fruit comes through the most, with a gorgeous mouthwatering tart dark cherry note building as the multitude of tertiary flavors fade. Considering this has recently arrived, I should think the fruit will gain strength as it rests. While surely in its plateau, it will carry on nicely for another decade or so. Lovely stuff.

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