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Mexicat Raicilla - 750ml

SKU: A919509
Germany, Ahr
100% Pinot Noir
On July 14th 2021, when Meike & Dörte Näkel realized how bad the flooding was starting to get, they made the decision to rush to their new winery, just outside of town, and save as much as they could. As one of the top Spätburgunder producers in Germany, the winery held their livelihood, which included the unbottled 2020 vintage. The sisters never could have imagined the level of devastation that the flooding would bring. Soon after they arrived, the immense amount of water rushing into the building trapped them. Their first instinct was to go to the roof and hopefully stay above the water line as long as they could, but when a large gas tank washed into the building, it became clear that they had to find a way out. Dodging the equipment and barrels they had attempted to rescue, the two winemakers swam through the murky waters to the corner of the winery. With no clear path out, the sisters broke a window and were quickly pushed through by the rushing current. Doing their best to navigate the treacherous waters, the two were a mile away from the winery only to be saved by a tree planted by their grandfather. They clung to the life-saving tree for eleven hours before eventually being rescued.
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