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Mukai "Kyo no Haru" Nigori Junmai Sake - 720ml

Japan, Kyoto 14.2%Rice: Murasaki Komachi (red rice), Kyo no KagayakiMilling: 92% (Murasaki Komachi), 70% (Kyo no Kagayaki)This beautifully hued sake is made using an ancient red rice variety, known to lend a distinctive olive and pomegranate taste and aroma to it's brews. The balanced sweetness and acidity make it a perfect aperitif, but also a good pairing with smoked food, vegetable dishes, desserts, and cheeses.Located in the picturesque seaside village of Ine, with the brewery situated right on the water’s edge, Mukai Shuzō’s production is entirely junmaishu. The brewing is headed by Mukai Kuniko, one of Japan’s first female tōji, and one of the most creative altogether. Her ability to envision taste and her incredible technical prowess mean that she can construct sake flavors that are stunning and groundbreaking.
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