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Terada Katori 90 Yamahai Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu - 720ml *

SKU: 44515918000272
Kōzaki, Chibu, Japan 11%*Organic*Unpasterized*Unpolished*Unfiltered*UndilutedMade of completely unpolished brown rice, malted to allow fermentaion to take place, Musubi is an example of bodaimoto fermentation, medieval brewing process that is an early prototype for the more modern sokujo methods.  It is characterized by a very strong grain flavor and powerful acidity.Terada Honke is the world's most natural sake brewery.  They have returned to medieval and early modern brewing methods, one of the few breweries using only organic rice, natural yeast, and house-cultivated kōji.Live cultures are present in the bottle, allowing flavors evolve (even when stored in the refrigerator) as natural fermentation continues. Please do not shake the bottle before opening.n.B. Carbon Dioxide is a naturally occuring by-product of fermentation, and may accumulate in the bottle with pressure reaching up to 2-3 atmospheres. Rest and chill this sake in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours before opening.Contents may bubble over if the cap is opened too abruptly. Gently unscrew and re-tighten repeatedly over the course of several minutes to release the pressure.
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