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Wildfish Cannery Smoked Coho Salmon - 6oz

SKU: 869386000307
Klawock, AlaskaIt’s big. It’s weird. It’s delicious. Geoduck — pronounced gooey-duck — is a large clam with a mild flavor, a firm texture and an appetizing golden color. Dry-cured with local sea salt, sugar and spices, before smoking over alder, it's often called clam bacon. In Alaska, wild geoduck is hand-harvested by divers from the seafloor, and nearly all of the harvest is shipped live to overseas markets. Through strong relationships with the local diving fleet and increased consumer demand, Wildfish is always able to secure a small portion of the harvest for smoking at their cannery, but nonetheless this product may sometimes be out of stock. Due to the extremely limited nature of this product and its ever-growing popularity, we recommend purchasing quickly to secure a supply of this unique curiosity from the sea.Serve it up: You can add it to a chowder, pasta dish or a dip, eat it on a cracker or just dig in with your bare hands. Try adding it to a Bloody Mary.Ingredients: Geoduck Clams, Salt, Pure Cane Sugar, Spices, Natural Alderwood Smoke
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