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Yuki Otoko Junmai

Yuki Otoko Junmai

SKU: 364215376135191

Niigata is a prefecture famed for its high mountains, abundant snowfall, and most importantly its sake-making tradition.  It is written that hidden in the lofty peaks is the elusive Yuki Otoko, the ‘Abominable Snowman’, who helps travelers carry their loads and guides them through dangerous snowy mountain trails. In keeping with the good-willed spirit of this mythical creature, Aoki brewery donates a portion of their proceeds to local search and rescue organizations.


We like to think that this is the kind of sake the snowman himself would enjoy drinking. Served chilled, airy aromas of sweet rice, coconut water, and coconut milk hint at daydreams of distant warmer climes; on the palate, a dry winter flurry of toasted rice, roasted nuts, and arctic thyme are carried by a smooth white chocolate texture.


    Aoki Shuzo, Niigata

    ABV 15.5%, Milling 60%, SMV+12.0

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