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Reversing Roles

When we think of California wine, our minds might first go to full-bodied reds. With Provence wine, we probably think of pale rosé. Today we'll reverse those roles with a pair that may bend some preconceived notions. Angela Osbourne is a California winemaker on a mission. She makes wine from many different grapes under her Land of Saints label, but Grenache is her singular focus when it comes to her most important project, A Tribute to Grace. A grape that should probably be m

California Wine

Some might think we're only really into French and Italian wine, but we love wine from anywhere, it just has to be good and worth the asking. Check out these four beauties from The Golden State; let's set aside Cabs and oaky Chards for a moment, and give our attention to some fresh Semillon, Viognier, Grenache and Charbono (aka Bonarda). Kings Carey Semillon 'Vogelzang Vineyard' 2017 You may remember us touting a certain delectable bone-dry low-alcohol Semillon from Australia

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