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About Craft and Cru

Quality, Passion, Curiosity

We are tirelessly researching the bottles we buy, ensuring that we bring quality, value, and diversity to our shop.  We want all of the libations in our store to speak to of  a sense of place, to spark curiosity and create enjoyment with each story and every sip. We hope to teach but also to learn from our clients, as we work with you to develop your perfect collection of tasting memories. Together let’s explore the delicious world of wine, beer, and spirits.

Meet The Team: About

Meet the Crew

Michael Rioles

Proprietor Extraodinaire


John Paul Kaminga

General Manager
Wine Buyer

Reach out to John Paul for any questions about wine, or to book a virtual tasting

Callie Cinque


Beer & Spirits Buyer

Reach out to Callie for questions about all other products, or to book a virtual tasting

Cate  Rioles

Business  Director


Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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