Definition of Extraordinary: Ca' la Bionda Casal Vegri

We offered Ca' la Bionda's superlative Amarone Ravazzol last week, a wine that I love, and hold in the highest esteem, but something that I would not reach for on a regular basis. Today we offer their Casal Vegri, a wine that will handle a cheese pizza as deftly as a succulent rack of lamb, and something that I feel very lucky to be able to enjoy casually*. The Castellani family established their winery on the famed Ravazzol cru in 1902, and for four generations have made win

Vini Alpini

The alpine wines of Italy have something for every wine lover. Truly. From crisp delicate whites to dark full-bodied reds, you can find it all, and often at very reasonable prices. This week's focus is on four different and diverse wine styles from Italy's most celebrated apline wine regions: Val d'Aosta (or Vallee d'Aoste) and Alto Adige. We didn't plan it this way, it just happened, but all four wines are made by cooperatives. In general, wine cooperatives have a spotty rep