Spooky Sake Cups

This last weekend of Sake October we'll finish strong with a pair of delicious brews with labels to die for. Fear not! These supernaturally themed cups are available all year round. ​​Chiyomusubi Oyaji Gokuraku Junmai Ginjo (Tottori) This delightful sake from Tottori Prefecture is made using regional Goriki rice, a hard-to-grow variety that had had been endangered. Luckily, a few local breweries (including Chiyomusubi Brewery) and farmers took a renewed interest in bringing

Savor the Flavor

Finally, sake in the US has evolved from being know as 'that hot rice wine' you can only find in sushi bars, to a fine libation in its own right with a range of styles and and flavors that can stand up to a wide variety of cuisines. At the heart of sake's versatility lies the key component: Umami. While the umami in sake has the ability to enhance and lengthen more subtle flavors, it can also smooth out and tame strong, salty or fishy flavors. Here we feature two sake that