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World Sake Day

October 1st is officially World Sake Day, the time of year when many traditional kura in Japan begin their brewing season. In celebration of this happy event, every weekend throughout October we will feature two different sake that has us psyched!

Joto ‘The One with the Clocks’ Daiginjo

Nakao Brewery is known as a forerunner in the advancement of yeast culture development in the sake world. In the 1940’s they partnered up with a professor of fermentation science from Tokyo University to collect and isolate over 2,000 distinct yeast strains from throughout Japan, including the aptly named 'Apple Yeast' used to make this Daiginjo. Talk about a sake that really speaks to the regional style! ‘The One with the Clocks’ is brewed in Takehara, using soft, pure, local water and regional Hattan Nishiki rice. Expect to find a soft and elegant libation with a smooth texture and subtle sweetness, distinct green apple flavor, and a touch of anise.

Kaika Sanomaru Tokubetsu Junmai Cup

Brewed in Tochigi Prefecture, this single-serving Tokubetsu Junmai cup is adorned with the official kawaii mascot of Sano city. Sanomaru is an adorable dog clad in samurai clothing with an upturned ramen bowl for a helmet and armed with fried potato sticks - the culinary specialties of the city. This casual sake is clean and minerally with a lip-smacking dryness that has you reaching for another sip... and then another. We like to drink this puppy with simple bar snacks and quick eats; think chips and dip, tapas, edamame, and (of course) fried potatoes or ramen.

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