2019 Hofgut Falkenstein: true delight

It might look a bit decrepit and moldy, it may be small and dimly lit, but knowing what pristine treasures lie within those barrels, we'll contend that the image above depicts one of the world's greatest cellars; it is where the Weber family, of Hofgut Falkenstein, ferments and ages all of their delicious wine. While a busy world pre-pays (read: overpays) for a lake of 2019 Bordeaux, wines that will not be delivered for years, you can enjoy the Webers' incredible 2019 vintage

Perfect Pairing Series: Sarr n' Zalad

The Concept We love putting food and wine together, but we're a bit wary of much fuss over pairings. The idea of a "perfect pairing" comes from reality; great synergy between food and beverage is achievable, but incredible pairings exist in a rather rarefied realm. Unless you're working closely with a well-stocked cellar and talented chef, mind-blowing pairings might be few and far between. At Craft and Cru, we try to keep it simple. You'll hear us say "drink what you like" a

Saar Succulence: 2018 Hofgut Falkenstein

In general, one ought to think of the Mosel as a cool-climate wine region. However, the most famous vineyards of the most famous section of the Mosel are intense sun traps, and they have the potential to ripen grapes perfect for rich golden elixirs, sometimes of extraordinary sweetness. Some time ago, the Saar got lumped into the Mosel region, but the great vineyards here are so different from those of the reknowned mittel Mosel; putting it simply, they are much cooler and wi

Good Cheap Wine

Terroir and talent might be on display, but one of the things we want to highlight this week is how good inexpensive wine can be. Di Lenardo 'Sauvignon Monovitigno' Venezia Giulia IGT 2017 It would be hard to ask for more from an everyday Sauvignon Blanc; Di Lenardo gets it just right. From Friuli, in the northeast of Italy, this fresh little number approaches the style of Marlborough in its exuberant tropical fruitiness, but manages to avoid pungent vegetal notes and aggress