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CheninCheninChenin: Jasnieres Sec

Jasnieres is an old wine region on the Loir river, a tributary to the more famous Loire river. Domaine de la Roche Bleue is a young domaine in Jasnieres, farming organically and making delicious classically styled wines that speak very clearly of the region. They farm the Clos des Molieres, one of great crus of Jasnieres, and we just got a deal on the 2015 vintage. We bought this wine when it was $39, as it is about as complex and delicious as dry Chenin can be, so it was a no-brainer when we could get more and offer it for $29. It is a dry and extraordinarily mineral mouthful of classic Loire Valley Chenin Blanc that you should not miss at this price. Quite good alongside a recent meal of colcannon, it will also be a perfect companion to simply prepared lobster, scallops or halibut

Roche Bleue Jasnieres Clos des Molieres 2015 - was $39, now $29!

Super classic style. Complex but not flashy. Aromas of green apple, white grapefruit, orange juice, quince, hawthorn, beeswax, hazelnut skins, petrichor. On the palate it is juicy and fresh, with lots of tart apple and citrus notes. Firmly dry, with a long filigree finish filled with nutty, earthy, herbal, and floral details. This is certainly in a good spot, but it should be worth following for another 5 to 10 years.

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