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Gris: Jolie Laide Sauvignon

According to Jolie Laide's website, this wine is reserved for club members... so I'm feeling a bit naughty promoting it, as apparently it should not be in our hands. But you guys deserve to know about it, so here it goes...

We only got a case. I tried it the other day. I loved it. The winery has a very nice description of it, which I'll paste below, and below that I'll paste my own note.

From the winery: Also known as Fié Gris or Sauvignon Rose in its homeland of the Loire Valley, Sauvignon Gris is the uber rare pink skinned mutation of Sauvignon Blanc. While it can share some similar qualities as its Blanc cousin, the Gris tends to be more subdued in nature with subtle herbaceous notes and not as overtly green and grassy. Grown in the cool weather and granite limestone soils of Paicines in San Benito. Whole cluster pressed and naturally fermented in a combination of stainless tank and neutral barrels, and aged in neutral barrique. Light and bright, saline, lemon blossom, kaffir lime leaf and exotic melon aromatics. The palate is elegantly textured yet cuts with refreshing citrus acidity. 12.8% Alc.

Jolie Laide Sauvignon Gris 'Paicines' 2022 - $36

Let this breathe for a few hours and you will be rewarded... Aromas of guava, melon, pink grapefruit, pineapple and jasmine, plus a little moss and brown bread. Luscious, layered and textural on the palate, hidden acidity, it feels almost low acid, but at the very end turns tart and so very fresh, that's a neat trick! Gorgeous finish of guava, underripe pineapple and citrus next to lingering clean stony notes. Probably best to drink in the next year or two. Though there's balance to age, I think I would want to have it while the fruit is primary.

Sauvignon Gris is a rare bird. Catch it while you can!

As usual this wine will mix with others to get 10% off 6 bottles, and 12% off 12 bottles. Please send orders and questions to

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