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Deals, Steals, Feels

We pride ourselves on a diverse and interesting selection, but some of our favorite bottles can be kinda (or very) pricey. We take value very seriously and always have deals for you. That being said, we also find plenty of worth in wines that are too expensive to be considered every-day drinkers. Keep reading below for a few new selections that you really shouldn't miss....

..firstly: THE DEAL

Vignoble Dauny Sancerre 'Caillottes' 2019 - $25

Pure Sauvignon from one of Sancerre's oldest organic estates. The Dauny family converted to organic farming in 1964, when virtually every other farmer was spraying heavily with chemicals, especially in famous regions like Sancerre, where more grapes easily translates to more money. This delicious 2019 Sancerre comes from Oxfordian limestone soils, known locally as caillottes. Ripe and fruity, yet classically tense and dry. It has beautiful notes of grass, fresh herbs, green apple, lime and grapefruit, It finishes juicy and crisp, with a beautiful acid line and a clear mineral signature. It is a great value in a region where $25 often gets you forgettable plonk.

....and: THE STEAL

Domaine Anita Moulin-a-Vent Tres Vielle Vigne 'Les Caves' 2016 - $17

This wine should be $25, which would be quite reasonable for excellent Moulin a Vent. It comes from an 80-year-old vineyard and it shows the concentration, complexity and depth one should expect from old vines. Sweet ripe fruit: blueberry, elderberry, black plum, strawberry. Earthy stuff: violets, grape stems, potting soil, rusty iron, blood, walnuts. Firm and a little rustic, but there's intense fruity and earthy intrigue through the finish. This is superb Gamay, and a perfect introduction to the seriousness to be found in fine Beaujolais.


Forlorn Hope Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 - $44

Usually a Cabernet Sauvignon in a Burgundy bottle just pisses me off, but Forlorn Hope gets a pass. They make great wines, and why must we adhere to dogmatic ideas about bottle shapes? Plus they put a scorpion and lightning bolts on the label, so ya.... but let's get away from shallow waters. There's serious stuff to get into when it comes to Forlorn Hope's first Cabernet Sauvignon. This little rocker comes from the stalwart Rorick Heritage Vineyard, the home vineyard of Forlorn Hope, where a diverse bounty of grape cultivars are farmed organically and turned into energetic wines. I'll provide my tasting note below, but it is important to hear from the folks at Forlorn Hope in their own words:

"The idea of producing a stand-alone Cabernet Sauvignon at RHV has been circulating around our cellar for quite some time, but it wasn’t until 2018 that we finally embraced the Dark Side and did the damn thing. This Cabernet is a tribute to the wines produced in the Sierra Foothills in the late 1800s; lighter and leaner than one might expect, it is taut and acid driven while still unmistakably Cabernet. Fermentation was carried out by native yeast, and upon the completion of primary fermentation the wine was pressed down to a single 400L hogshead. Racked off of its lees after 22 months elevage; bottled unfined and unfiltered. As with all Forlorn Hope wines, no new oak is utilized, and nothing was added to the must or wine with the exception of minimal effective sulfur."

$20 from each bottle sale will go to Resist NorCal, a local partner of the California Immigrant Resilience Fund, which provides direct support to migrant and undocumented vineyard workers who have been some of the hardest hit by the pandemic and wildfires. These people are the backbone of the wine industry and deserve our respect, admiration and support.

Still not convinced? This is Cab for the Burgundy-lover. A ballerina throwing elbows. Liquid California sunshine. It is a wild and wonderful wine.

Light on its feet, fresh and zippy, cool and savory, earthy and mineral. Aromas of cherries, currants, leather, violets, white flowers, thyme, pepper, graphite, poblano, freshly turned soil and rusty nail. Tart and tense on the palate, with beautiful acid cut and firm tannic grip. Long on crunchy fruit and minerality, delectable notes of pepper, veggies, flowers and leather linger as well. Fully realized Cali Cab at 12.06% abv, this is a rare bird.

Thanks for reading!



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