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Gift Baskets + Wine Yourself

A couple bottles of wine, some extra virgin olive oil, a bar of chocolate, hand-picked by the crew at Craft and Cru, all together in a basket, a perfect gift for the discerning palates in your orbits.

We will have gift baskets available through the end of the year, but if you would like one in time for Thanksgiving, please let us know by Saturday, November 21.

We'll offer baskets starting at $75, each including two bottles of wine, a bottle of olive oil and a bar of chocolate. Just let us know if you want reds or whites, or one of each, and when you would like to pick up your basket. We will also offer baskets at $100 and $150, if you would like to include some really special bottles in the mix. If you want to add some tinned fish, heirloom pepitas, locally roasted almonds, or extra chocolate bars, at additional cost, we'll be happy to make arrangements with you. We can also customize baskets with beer, whisky, mead... whatever you fancy, just email us at to discuss.

We got a case of this wine a few weeks ago, but we kept it quiet, because it's special and very limited, and we didn't think we would get more. When we got two more cases, we decided it was time to let the wider world know. Every adventurous wine drinker needs to try this wine.

A blend, mostly of old-vine own-rooted high-altitude Listan Prieto, but also of a small amount of the rare Tintilla grape, Envinate's 2019 Benje Tinto is not just a marvel on paper. Smokey and earthy, with aromas of struck match, vegetable ash, red plum, blood orange, rosehips and cracked peppercorns. For some, it may be a challenge on the nose, but it is juicy on the palate, with intense pure fruit roaring through the earthy ruckus. It has an amazing finish, positively bristling with notions of rocks, plants and fresh fruits. This is cool stuff, and definitely the best Listan Prieto (aka Mission or Pais) I've ever tasted. It's also the best Canary Islands wine I can remember. I would recommend decanting this to emphasize the fruit, or drink a glass or two upon opening, and finish the rest 24 hours later.

Envinate Benje Tinto 2019 - $30

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