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Oddero: Perfectly Barolo

Oddero got a perfect score a couple weeks ago.... yay, blech, cool, ffs...

The world will probably never abandon wine scores, but I wish it would. Many years ago I thought of scores as helpful, but that quickly developed into thinking of them as only sometimes helpful. These days I see them as a distraction at best, misleading too often, and at worst a poison to the thinking palate*. So when one of my favorite wineries of all time, Oddero, got 100 points for a wine that is surely magnificent, 2016 Vignarionda Riserva, I felt a mix of "ugh, this is annoying" and "wow, huge congrats, so well deserved!". We'll probably get a few bottles, but why do you think you deserve one? Now I'm just being a jerk, forgive me please.

We've been fans of Oddero for a long time, and if you ask us we'll probably say that their style hasn't changed, but we'll also say that the wines are better than ever. Incremental improvements have resulted in a gradual shift to finer tannins and more pure fruit notes, but the Oddero style remains firmly traditional, emphasizing the intense and mercurial aromas and flavors that set Nebbiolo apart**. When it comes to Barolo, every decision made at Oddero is made with the goal of staying true to Nebbiolo's distinctive identity. One of the most important decisions to consider with a wine like Barolo is choice of aging vessels. Oddero is focused on vessels that will not obscure Nebbiolo's character. Though they are openminded when it comes to coopers and materials, like clays and concrete, you will never find Nebbiolo in a small new barrel in their winery. Aging vessels are just part of the equation, the important work starts in the vineyards with restricted yields and careful organic farming. The end result is great wine and an ever growing fan base worldwide. It is becoming more and more clear that Oddero makes some of the very best wine in Italy.

Oddero has been a stalwart fave at Craft and Cru since day one, and today we're offering a vintage that hungry collectors will hoard. The 2019 vintage was another relatively warm season, but the weather was not extreme, and Nebbiolo was able to ripen slowly, so the harvest extended into October. A long growing season with cool autumn nights is essential to get the most out of Nebbiolo, and 2019 provided these ideal conditions. Not exactly a new chapter for Oddero, but perhaps a watershed moment, the 2019 vintage was a huge success for them.

Quantities of some of these are extremely limited, and we may have to allocate. Let us know if you want anything, and if you want 6+ bottles of 2019 Oddero, we're happy to offer 15% off your order.

Oddero Barolo 2019 - $55

From four crus: Bricco Chiesa and Capalot in La Morra, Fiasco in Castiglione Falletto and Monvigliero in Verduno. Take note of that last cru. This wine has always been so compelling but became even more interesting when Oddero acquired prime real estate in the Monvigliero Cru. There's no site in Barolo getting more attention right now, Monvigliero is hot s***

Oddero Barolo Villero 2019 - $88

One of the most famous crus in Barolo, Villero is located in Castiglione Falletto and its soils are heavy in clay and limestone, which lends more power, weight and roundness, as opposed to the sandy soils of Rocche, which tend to make light and ethereal styles...

Oddero Barolo Rocche di Castiglione 2019 - $110

...always my favorite from Oddero, this is an extraordinarily elegant Barolo: bright, fresh and lifted. Is it the most undervalued wine in all of Barolo? I think so.

Oddero Barolo Brunate 2019 - $155

From a prime location in this most storied cru, at 300 meters Oddero's plot in Brunate is very high on the dramatic slope that leads up to the town of La Morra. It is also their smallest parcel of vines, at just 0.4 hectares. This is gonna be a legend...

As usual, these wines will combine with others to get 10% off a mix of 6 bottles, or 12% off a mix of 12 bottles, BUT if you want to mix 6 bottles of 2019 Oddero, we'll knock 15% off.

Please ask questions or place orders by emailing

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