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Overachieving: "Generic" Trocken

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

"Tim Fröhlich can surely lay claim to the world's most consistently overachieving generic Riesling bottlings of the past two decades." - David Schildknecht

By "generic Riesling bottlings", Mr. Schildknecht means Rieslings that do not have a specific site mentioned on their labels, thus the probability (but not guarantee) that they are blends of sites. Such a bottling could be industrially churned drek made from grapes sourced all over the place, but when you're getting a generic bottling from a grower, you can usually count on it coming from estate grown grapes, often the fruit of younger vines. With Schäfer Fröhlich, you're getting a wine made from young vines growing in some of the Nahe's top sites, crus that, in the hands of Tim Fröhlich, are now counted among the best in all of Germany.

Tim Fröhlich's first vintage was 1995, and although his family's winery was already well-known, it would be his influence over the coming decades that would propel Schäfer Fröhlich to stardom. At this point, their Grosses Gewachs bottlings are coveted and chased by collectors worldwide, but you can get a glimpse of these wines' greatness in the estate's intro-level trocken, a wine that punches well above its weight, and something that you can drink right away.

As with all of Schäfer Fröhlich's wines, the grapes for their intro-level trocken are grown with organic practices (certified FAIR'N GREEN), and fermentations are spontaneous (no added yeasts), with the end goal being a clear and uninhibited representation of terroir. Their wines have an incredible transparency, one might say a crystalline quality, that is so captivating; it is hard to describe, but you will know it when you taste it. We haven't seen any Schäfer Fröhlich in years, and jumped on this opportunity. We suggest you do the same. This wine is gorgeous and a stellar value.

Schäfer Fröhlich Riesling Trocken 2020 - $27

Gorgeous! The nose pops and sizzles, so lively and airy: apple, lime, pink grapefruit, white peach, peppery greens, saffron, iris, fresh salty sea air... Bracing and vivacious on the palate, incisive acid cut, subtle silkiness, deep mineral core, tart juicy fruit keeps everything friendly, but this is the definition of "bone dry" and may be too dry for some palates. I love it. I would drink it over the next few years or so, but who knows, could be worth following much longer.

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