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Pick a Chiroubles Cherry

Quite the infographic, no? It shows so much, but please, however, ignore most of it for now, and direct your attention to the most uniform sphere of the bunch, located in the upper right-hand corner. This entity represents the Chiroubles appellation of Beaujolais, and it tells us that the area has 100% granite soils, is the highest in altitude of all the cru-classified villages of Beaujolais, and is also among the smallest of those villages. You don't see Chiroubles often because there's just not a lot of it. Today is your lucky day.

Today we present to you Fabien Collonge's fabulous 2019 Chiroubles 'L'Aurore des Cotes', a wine that is raised at every step by the man whose name graces its labels. About 800 cases are made and it will cost you $16, which is what many large-scale bottlings go for. It is simply an outrageous deal. We always carry this wine, as it performs brilliantly year in and year out, but the 2019 vintage is something extraordinary, competing with some seriously expensive and sought after wines. One might give serious consideration to buying it by the case.

Fabien Collonge Chirouble AOC 'L'Aurore des Cotes' 2019 - $16

Aromas of strawberry, ripe juicy blackberry, blueberry and a hint of cassis... a little violets and leafiness, as well as subtle airy notes of spice, campfire and raw cacao. Fresh and zippy on the palate, with lots of crunchy berry character and nice floral and leafy nuance. This has structure, purity and and intensity to spare, and though it's delicious today, it will improve. Lots of potential here, it will be worth following for another 5 years, at least. In a cool cellar it will age well for over a decade.

Buy 6 bottles and get 15%. That makes it $13.60 net per bottle, which is, as we mentioned above, simply outrageous. Beaujolais has started to "hit the big time", with certain bottlings now allocated and expensive. We just got the 2019 Lapierre Morgon, one of our all-time favorites, and it is now $45! I can't wait to compare it to the 2019 Collonge Chiroubles in a couple years. The Chiroubles will be lighter than the Morgon, but I have faith that both will be shining bright, and one may just be all the more delicious for being a such a smart buy.

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