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Riesling Alert System !!!ACTIVATED!!!

Ried Steingraben, a vineyard site of long and high renown in the Kremstal region of Austria

We have a Riesling emergency here folks! We just tasted two wines from one of our favorite Austrian wine estates, Josef & Phillip Brundlmayer, and they are not only delicious, but also astounding values. THE RIESLING ALERT SYSTEM HAS BEEN ACTIVATED! Read on, strike thirst, strike hard, Riesling is the strongest grape, Cobra Kaiserstiege is in the house!

Josef & Phillip Brundlmayer Riesling 'Kaiserstiege' 2019 - $16

From a blend of terraced sites around the town of Gedersdorf, this is a light and crisp example of Kremstal Riesling. Aromas of peach, tropical fruits, melon, citrus juice and pith, and cool minty herbs. Fresh and dry on the palate, very refreshing, with pure citrus and crunchy orchard fruit notes, and clear stony and saline notes. This is something I would love to serve blind to New Zealand Sauvignon regulars; yes there are clear differences between these styles, but this dry Riesling could really win over the heart of a Kiwi devotee.

Josef & Philipp Brundlmayer Riesling 'Ried Steingraben' 2019 - $22

From the famed Steingraben cru, a site with a complex soil of loess, clay and gravelly rocks. Aromas of spicy freesia, melon, green pear, white peach, tangerine, cool minty herbs, zesty citrus pith, and a little chalk and clean white smoke. Silky and medium-bodied, with a beautiful core of fruit, it is soft and caressing before turning fresh and dry. With intense minerality and salinity through the finish, and subtle floral notes infused alongside, this tastes like something that might easily be $30+.

In any context, these wines are deals. In the context of excellent Kremstal Riesling, these are absolute steals.... ALERT!

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