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Scheurebe is a Grape: Leipold's Alte Reben

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

When we opened 5 years ago (wow, can't believe it's been 5 years!), we carried a gorgeous inexpensive Scheurebe for about a year. Since then, it has been difficult for us to find worthwhile Scheurebe on the regular, and at least a few of you haven't let us forget it. Well we found a Scheurebe recently that isn't really inexpensive, but goodness is it spectacular, and entirely worth your attention. Everyone should give it a try. I do believe it's a white wine to convince some red-only drinkers... maybe not, but you never know!

Scheurebe is a cross of Riesling and Bukketraube, and it is one of my favorite grapes. Good examples are highly aromatic, but bright and fresh, defined by contrast and intrigue, often redolent of green herbs and leaves, blackcurrants, sweet orchard and tropical fruits. A great Scheurebe might be sweet (or VERY sweet), but I tend to prefer dry examples, and a great Scheurebe should have a strong acid core, just like great Riesling.

The Scheurebe below is made by one of Germany's rising stars, the young Peter Leipold. His old vine (alte reben) Scheurebe is very limited, and little made it to MA. We recommend stocking up for the spring and summer months. It is worth hoarding a stash for fresh local veggie season.

Leipold Scheurebe Alte Reben Trocken 2021 - $38 Awesome stuff. Aromas of yeast, crushed stone, lime, grapefruit, tangerine, cassis, green melon, mangosteen, minty herbs.... So juicy for half a second, then fiery acid begins to simmer and sputter, and a shimmering minerality floods the palate. There's a gorgeous inner perfume of flowers and herbs, while notes of citrus, currants... and mangosteen rise and fall together. The way the fruit plays delicate crescendos and diminuendos is so much fun. Crunchy and zippy through the finish, juicy citrus persists and mingles with that bright shimmering minerality. Love this.

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