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Tasting @craftandcru

Someone's missing in the picture above, but they're on the way...

Tastings are back for now. Let's convene from 3pm to 6pm Saturday, April the 9th, to taste five wines. Two of them will be spectacular with lamb, the others will be spectacularly versatile at the table.

Chapel Down Brut NV - $45

English wine, it's a thing. We're seeing mostly traditional method bubbles these days, but expect to encounter more in the future.

Les Equilibristes Bergerac Blanc 'Hirsute' 2020 - $16

Most prices have gone up over the past year or two. Somehow this wine went down a little. Les Equilibristes is our kinda negoce, working with single vineyards and only sourcing from organic or biodynamic growers. This blend of 70% Semillon, 20% Sauvignon and 10% Chenin is a prime example of the southwest of France providing practically unparalleled value. We want to compare it to excellent white Bordeaux, which would probably be double the price, but we also want you to remember Bergerac. Look out for Bergerac.

Birichino Vin Gris 2021 - $20

I believe we've called these guys "heroes of California wine" in the past. We're sticking by it. They are really hard to beat, and their prices are extraordinary for California. New vintage of their Vin Gris just stopped in, and we can't wait to try it.

Luis Pato Bairrada 'Baga-Touriga Nacional' 2016 - $17 The 2015 vintage was one of our most popular reds over the past couple years. The 2016 arrived a few weeks ago and it is a notable improvement over the 2015. Luis Pato has been an important voice for autochthonous Portuguese grapes, most notably for the great Baga cultivar. If you like a fine Cabernet Sauvignon but hate paying $$$ for a good example, you need to try this wine.

Ch Cissac Haut Medoc 2018 - $27

Super classic Cabernet-based Bordeaux. Rich ripe dark fruits, gravelly/herbal/veggie intrigue, a deft smear of sweet oak. This acts like something that might cost $50+

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