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The Boring Blend: Triennes 2017

OK OK, I know I should probably stop calling the Cab/Syrah blend "boring"...

We featured a Q&A with Diana Snowden Seysses this summer (if you missed it, you can find it on our website, or just click here) and there were many interesting tidbits to garner, but I came away from it quite curious about the 2017 vintage of Triennes. Out of all the vintages that Diana outlined, the 2017 was the lowest in alcohol and it did not include Merlot. We received the 2017 late last year and it was bold and beautiful as usual, but I knew that it was tense from its recent arrival. Having rested stateside for a few months, it is coming around nicely, developing spiciness and richness, but still lighter and brighter than the 2015 and 2016 vintages. I think the 2017 may be more my style than the earlier vintages, as the fruit is redder, and it has more cut and mineral verve. It is still primary and youthful, and will be worth following for at least another 10 years. Try it with red meat braised with tomatoes and herbs today.

Triennes St. Auguste 2017 - $18

Aromas of redcurrant, plum, cherry, pepper, herbes de Provence, dried mint, rosehips, and a little bloody meat and baking spice. Tense and fresh on the palate, with supple tannins, tart crunchy fruits and integrated minerality. As elegant and ethereal a Triennes as I've tasted.

Please email to place an order or ask a question.

Thanks for reading!


So you kept reading...

Pictured above is the famous Mont St. Victoire, which dominates the landscape in the area around Aix-en-Provence. I always think of this place when I start writing about wine from Provence, and so I did google a bit and found an interesting article about Cezanne's focus on this mountain on Khan Academy (if you don't know about Khan Academy, you are missing out my friends). You can click here if you would like to delve that way. Cheers!

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1 Comment

Rick Day
Rick Day
Dec 27, 2021

Sacre bleu! This vintage is wonderful. Bought a case at Spec's for Christmas.

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