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Trousseau: Eyrie '18

The Eyrie Vineyards are THE original Pinot pioneers in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Planting the region's first vineyards of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in 1965, David and Diana Lett started Eyrie, and their son, Jason Lett, upholds their important legacy today. If you don't know Eyrie, you're missing out.

Committed to careful organic farming, low yields and minimal intervention in the winery, Eyrie makes world-class wine by any standard, and should be a go-to for collectors. Since they're in Oregon and not Burgundy, their wines are still quite accessible, and for $49 you can buy an Eyrie Pinot Noir that will age beautifully for a decade or more. Eyrie makes a range of Pinots, but they also experiment with other cool-climate grapes. In 2012 Jason Lett planted Trousseau, the first in Willamette Valley, and based on the two vintages I've tried, I am absolutely hooked. In 2018 they made just 259 cases of Trousseau, and at no point did they add any sulfur to this wine. Eyrie's 2018 Trousseau is one of the very best un-sulfured wines I've ever tasted: pure, fresh, full of life and intricacy. Put a just a bit of a chill on it, and serve with dinner... I'm thinking grilled salmon with sprinkle of espelette...

The Eyrie Vineyards Trousseau 2018 - $39

Bright yet savory on the nose, aromas of fresh red berries, cured meat, diverse herbal and leafy tones, a little citrus. Fresh and lively on the palate, a little softer than I expected, beautiful finish features red cherry and dried flower notes. Should be worth following for at least another few years.

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