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Typo + Pino: Drink That Trocken + Special Spätburgunder

I probably wouldn't usually post twice in the same day, but there was a typo in today's earlier post.

I probably wouldn't care about the average typo, as usually no meaning is lost in the error, but this morning I wrote that you "can't drink" Schäfer Fröhlich's entry level Riesling trocken right away, but I meant to write "can drink". You CAN (CAN CAN) drink that wine right away, and you should order oysters from Island Creek to go alongside it... all summer long, ALL SUMMER LONG... sorry, getting a little excited (must've been the Can Can, excuse me), but this is just a fabulous bottle of wine, and it will be truly delightful with some briny bivalves...

I probably shouldn't send an email about the two wines pictured above, as they are very limited, but talk about true delight. These two beauties from Württemberg are perfect examples of Germany's contemporary excellence with Pinot Noir. The NY Times did an article about German Pinot recently, and I highly recommend the read. I also highly recommend you remember the name Holger Koch. Their Pinots are brilliant, and you need to try them. I won't say much more, because we don't have much of either.

2020 Holger Koch Kaiserstuhl Spätburgunder - $28

Delicious Pinot. Aromas of juicy ripe black cherry, mint, pine needles, autumn meadow, a little baking spice, speck and yirgachefe. Bright and juicy on the palate, low level of easy tannins, subtle acid cut, lots of spicy and earthy nuance through the finish, the dark stone fruit note lingers beautifully as well. Should be worth following at least a few years. Yumtown express!

2020 Holger Koch Pinot Noir SF - $36

One of the very best unsulfured wines I have ever encountered, this goes straight to my heart and it knows the strings there... love at first sip... aromas of cranberry, raspberry, tart red cherry, lemon sorbet, a little rose, mint, pine forest... Light and fresh on the palate, but there is surprising depth and intensity, and it just gushes with beautiful red fruit through the finish, a little seared meat and nutty lees contribute to a subtle savory element. Superb. Unsulfured, so I would not keep it long unless you have a good cellar, but in optimal conditions I have to imagine this will motor beautifully for at least a few years, if not 5+.

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