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A Silly Time Machine: Ca' del Baio

Wait, wait, not "a silly" but "Asili"... if you like Nebbiolo, remember ASILI...

I know I keep using the time machine analogy, which is a little silly, but sometimes I just feel like I'm looking at prices from years ago, especially when it comes to fine Piedmont wines. The price we offer on an Asili today, is astounding to me, and as far as I can tell, we are offering it at one of the lowest prices (if not the lowest) in the country. Take advantage!

In general, the discerning connoisseur and collector is well served in looking for fine Nebbiolo at reasonable prices, but in particular, Barbaresco delivers on the regular. We tried Ca' del Baio's fabulous Autinbej a few weeks ago, and it was so very clear that we needed to jump on their wines. We have not tried their Asili yet, but it is a vineyard of such pedigree that I am sure there is no risk here. This is surely a wine worth collecting and saving for special occasions.

Ca' del Baio Barbaresco 'Autinbej' 2020  - $32

This is a stupendous value. Exuberant and bright, with notes of cherry, plum, strawberry, airy spices and flowers... Medium to full, finessed structure, nice intensity and freshness. It will improve for many years but is pretty easy right now, no need to age it, just give it some air. If you want to age it, you've probably got 3 to 5 years of this primary state, and then a decade or two of fine drinking as it mellows and develops a more savory and earthy character. 

Ca' del Baio Barbaresco Asili 2020 - $48

In the pantheon of great Italian vineyard sites, Asili is shoulder-to-shoulder with any big name. Finding one in 2023 for less than $50 is a coup. Only 60 bottles came to MA. I will say no more...

If you mix 6 bottles of Ca' del Baio Barbaresco, we are happy to knock 15% off your order. Otherwise, they will, as usual, combine with other wines to get 10% off 6 bottles and 12% off 12 bottles. We may have to allocate the Asili, we'll keep you posted.

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