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Breezy Savoie Wine

A horse standing in front of some of the vineyards of Domaine des Ardoisières, which are responsible for some of the most exciting wines in all of France. Seriously.

From my first taste of these wines, it was obvious they were something special. Their energy and purity are astounding. I remember an early fan telling me that they were like "fresh driven snow", and I couldn't have agreed more. There's something extraordinarily fresh and airy to these wines, one might argue that they are well-suited to warm weather, but I think they're really an all-season beverage. If you're into lively mineral-inflected wines like Sancerre and Chablis, you need to try some Ardoisières. Today we present their entry-level wine, a superb value when you consider the ardor and dedication that goes into these wines.

Maison des Ardoisières 'Silice' 2020 - $24

100% Jacquère, this fruit does not come from estate vines, but they are farmed organically, and this wine shows all the lift and energy that you should expect from Ardoisières. Aromas of lemon, crunchy stone fruits, a little white flowers and fresh herbs, a whisper of nutty lees. Dynamic on the palate, light and zippy, with sneaky viscosity to offset it deep acid cut, gorgeous inner perfume of crunchy white and yellow fruits and myriad mineral and herbal tones. Crisp and stony on the finish, with beautiful persistence of fresh fruit.

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