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Chardonized: Cheveau Sur le Mont

The wine pictured above is raised in stainless steel, but it has a creamy and spicy character that one might often associate with oak. These flavors are due to the influence of malolactic fermentation and time spent on the lees, and they are quite typical of wines from the Maconnais, Burgundy's southernmost region, mostly planted to Chardonnay, and perhaps best known for the famous Pouilly-Fuisse appellation. Interestingly, the wine pictured above, Domaine Cheveau's Sur le Mont, is essentially a fine Pouilly-Fuisse.

The Sur le Mont cru sits just outside the boundaries of Pouilly-Fuisse on the crest of a hill. When the appellation boundaries of Pouilly-Fuisse were drawn in 1936 the site was a forest and would have been considered too cool and windy to be worth planting to vines. These days it is a brilliant spot to have vines, as the cooler microclimate ensures that the wines from this place are fresh and vibrant even in hot vintages. We always buy Sur le Mont when it's available, and we're just as excited about the 2018 vintage as we have been about previous vintages, though we'll note that it is a bit fuller and softer than usual. It is, however, its usual self in being a spectacular bargain.

Domaine Cheveau Macon-Solutre-Pouilly 'Sur le Mont' 2018 - $24

Aromas of ripe citrus, peach preserves, toasty cereal, sweet cream and white flowers. On the palate it is rich but not heavy, with subtle viscosity and chalkiness, as well as notable creaminess. Beautiful acid cut keeps it lively and energetic, while a clear stony nuance contributes to a delectable mouthwatering character. Finishes with a delightful combination of sweet fruit, toasted spice, wet stones and zippy citrus. Classic stuff. Should be worth following a few years. I wouldn't push it unless I was following it closely.

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