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Chillable Everything

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Wines to chill, while you chill... take it easy folks, be kind to yourselves and everyone else too...

Jo Landron Muscadet Sevre et Maine 'Amphibolite' 2019 - (biodynamic)

A new vintage of Amphibolite is always exciting. Jo's entry-level wine actually ages well for a few years, and while his more expensive Amphibolite holds on nicely, it should be enjoyed within 12 to 18 months in order to really maximize its pleasures. Zippy and zesty, it has an intense green apple and sweet lemon and lime character that is irresistible. Hints of lettuce, radish and chalk provide intriguing counterpoints. Oysters are the easy pairing, but this will refresh next to pretty much any food.

Patrice Colin Coteaux du Vendomois 'Gris Bodin' 2019- (organic)

This just arrived yesterday, so we have not yet tried it, but we buy this wine every year, and we always love it. A varietal Pineau d'Aunis, this comes from very old vines (planted in 1920) and it is always a blast. Surely, peppery and citrusy, we can't wait to discover what other delectable flavors it will offer. We get a very limited amount of this wine every year. You might want to try it soon. We know we will.

Weingut Philipp Brundlmayer Rose 'vom Zweigelt' 2019

The price on this wine is just ridiculous. A varietal Zweigelt, it is juicy and fresh, with lots of berry and stone fruit notes, as well as hints of spice, before turning crisp and dry, with subtle minerality to contrast its exuberant fruit. Unbelievably good for the money, this won't last the summer. Consider buying it by the case.

Bernabeleva Garnacha 'Camino de Navaherreros' 2018 (organic)

This wine bears the Vinos de Madrid appellation, but one should know that it comes from the Sierra de Gredos, a mountainous subzone of the region that is lately counted as the source of some of world's most distinctive Garnacha, notable for its extreme elegance and freshness. The 2018 vintage was hot and dry in much of Europe, but it was cooler and wetter in Gredos, and this wine shows the vintage in its fresh and lively personality. Crunchy fruits across a wide spectrum meld with floral and herbal notes, while a tangy acidity and firm tannins make for a relatively serious impression. Don't chill this one too much, but you should definitely try it on the cooler side.

Cantina dell Volta Lambrusco di Sorbara 'Brutrosso' 2016

This wine is currently a bit of an obsession. For years, I searched for a Sorbara that I could really get behind, so finding this wine brought immense gratification. There are plenty of other Lambrusco di Sorbara that I greatly admire, but some are a little too light, some too expensive, while others are just hard get in any decent quantity. This Sorbara is ideal for me. Cantina della Volta is practicing organic and moving quickly to certification. Their 2016 Brutrosso spends over two years on the lees before disgorgement and its flavors exhibit a polish and intensity that speak to its long elevage in bottle. Gorgeous notes of sweet raspberry, strawberry are accented by hints of spice and blood orange, as well as the merest suggestions of earthy and umami notes (quite likely derived from its time on the lees). This is full and frothy, yet fresh and vibrant through the finish. Firmly dry, and very refreshing, this is a Lambrusco to change minds about Lambrusco. It is one of the best possible options so serve alongside the inevitably diverse range of foods that show up at a cookout.

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