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Eye of the Partridge: Jean Vesselle Oeil de Perdrix

Exciting news! A favorite Champagne has returned in the half bottle format. I know that I'm going to be taking a few home this weekend.

There's nothing better than a glass of Champagne to start a meal, and though some might wonder why a full bottle would be a problem, there are others, like me, who sometimes want just a glass to start things off. For those who want a full bottle, don't worry we have those too, but these half bottles go quickly, so we wanted to do a special feature.

An old style of Blanc de Noirs, Oeil de Perdrix is not a white wine, nor is it really pink, but apparently a color similar to the eye of a partridge. I have never hunted partridge, so I can't say how accurate this descriptive name might be, but I can say that Jean Vesselle's Oeil de Perdrix is slightly pink and very delicious. Always elegant, refreshing and redolent of pure citrus and red fruit notes, it also has a clear Pinot Noir character in subtle woodsy and herbal tones. Long, dry and subtly chalky, with beautiful persistence of fruit flavors, it is a superb deal in the context of contemporary Champagne. We recommend stocking up.

Jean Vesselle Brut Champagne 'Oeil de Perdrix' NV - $50

Jean Vesselle Brut Champagne 'Oeil de Perdrix' NV 375ml - $27

Buy 6 bottles (mix and match both sizes) and we'll knock 15% off your order, so the 750ml will be $42.50 and the 375ml will be $22.95. The wines will arrive tomorrow. Please send an email to to place your orders or inquiries.


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