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François Chidaine, a Name to Know

I'm not alone in my extremely high estimation of François Chidaine. He is a master of his craft, dedicated to intensive organic and biodynamic farming, and his estate is made up of some of the most historic vineyard land in France, in the appellations of Vouvray and Montlouis. The wines from these sites are rightfully considered among the finest in all of France.

François has a smaller holding in the much less prestigious Touraine appellation, where he makes what may be the single greatest values in the world of wine. Here he cares for his vines with the same organic and biodynamic methods, and makes the wines in a fresh and simple manner to highlight the fruit he so carefully tends. The wines are superb, and because they are from Touraine (and because François is not one to gouge), they are only $15!

From Touraine, François makes three wines: a fabulous Sauvignon Blanc (something to put the average Sancerre to shame), a rather serious red blend (it is probably my favorite wine from this property), and an unbelievably delicious rosé. Whenever they are in stock, we have them, and right now we have all three, but today we highlight the rosé. It is always an exuberantly juicy wonder, but the 2020 vintage is simply bursting with fresh ripe fruitiness and you should try it soon. You may want to stock up!

François Chidaine Touraine Rosé 2020 - $15

Floral and fruity, lots of ripe red fruits, a clear cherry note, sweet citrus, pithy and herbal notes too. Super juicy upfront, with an intense acid line and buried minerality to keep it fresh and crisp. Silky texture, and a long fruity finish featuring nuances of exotic spice, resinous herbs, citrus pith and blossoms. Should gain complexity and depth with a year in the bottle, but almost all of it will be gulped this summer. No big deal, as it is absolutely delicious today.

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