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Gloire de Loire: Domaine du Collier

Speculation is an area of personal interest*, not so much because I want to sell wine that I've cellared, more so because I want to be able to continue to drink the wines I love, and over the years I've seen many priced out of my typical range. One of my faves is great Loire Cabernet Franc, and luckily this is an area where you just don't see much speculation, so pretty much any of the best wines have remained affordable. There's one very notable exception, and that's Clos Rougeard...

Antoine Foucault's family owned Clos Rougeard until 2017, at which point it was sold to billionaires. Before the sale, bottles of Clos Rougeard were already very hard to come by, and commanded by far the highest prices in the Loire. After the sale this trend accelerated, so that even their "entry-level" wine goes for $200+.

Antoine trained with his father and uncle at Clos Rougeard, and went out on his own in 1999, founding Domaine du Collier on the famed slope of Brézé, in the Saumur appellation. His wines have long been considered among the best in the appellation, and the connection to Rougeard is bandied about often, but prices have remained relatively stable, gradually increasing, as one should expect from any small producer with a great reputation. It seems however, that the situation may be changing rapidly, it looks like Collier will be going the way of Rougeard....

Domaine du Collier Saumur Rouge 'La Ripaille' 2019 - $68

This is typically my favorite wine from Collier. In a vintage like 2019 I would lay down as much as I could afford. Would you?

Domaine du Collier Saumur Blanc 2019 - $65

Dry Chenin Blanc, intensely salty and mineral, this wine has personality galore, and will be worth following many years.

Domaine du Collier Saumur Blanc 'La Charpentrie' 2019 - $95

Made from 100+ year-old vines, this is something extraordinary, and a wine I have only been able to taste a few times. Extremely limited.

As usual, these wines will combine with others to get 10% off a mix of 6 bottles, or 12% off a mix of 12 bottles.

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