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Pink Pet-Nat Panoply

We have at least 6 pink pet-nats in stock right now, and you should try one, or two, or maybe all 6? Pictured above are two of this week's arrivals. Pictured below are some old faves. They are all wines made on a small scale in a simple and natural manner. A pet-nat (short for petillant naturel) is made with a single fermentation, as opposed to the Champagne method (or methode traditionnelle) which is a more complicated process involving two separate fermentations. Pet-nats can be cloudy and yeasty, sometimes a little funky, but when we choose a pet-nat we look for a fresh easy-drinking character. A pet-nat can be serious, but like all wine, we want it to be about pleasure. Anyway, check these out:

Podere il Saliceto 3UE1 2020- $30

A wacky multi-region blend: Glera from Valdobbiadene, Moscato and Nascetta from the Langhe, and Sorbara from Lambrusco. Four friends from 3 wineries teamed up to make these utterly delightful bubbles. I tried this at Brassica (do you not know Brassica? go see them!) last Sunday and it was a fresh delight. A touch of yeasty bread, but mostly gorgeous crunchy fruitiness.

Domaine la Boheme Festejar 2019- $35

We only got 6 bottles of this! It hails from Auvergne and it is a blend of organically cultivated Gamay and Pinot Noir. I'm going to have to buy one, so that leaves 5 for you guys.

Meinklang Frizzante 'Prosa' 2020 - $20

The popularity of this wine has skyrocketed. Prosa comes from the biodynamic Meinklang farm in Austria's Burgenland region, and we have not been able to keep it in stock lately. We just got a few cases this week, the last of the vintage, so stock up now if you must. A blend of Pinot Noir, Blaufrankisch and Zweigelt, it is focused on sweet ripe fruit flavors, but finishes fresh and crisp.

Patrice Colin 'Perles Grises' 2019 - $18

This is a pale pink, and it is far more subtle and has more bubbles than the rest of the pet-nats featured here today. Made from organic Pineau d'Aunis grapes, it is vivacious, spicy, very dry and eminently mineral. It is a superb summer sipper.

Thillardon Petnat NV - $30

100% Gamay from the talented Thillardon family of Beaujolais. Another super limited bottling, we have only 6 bottles in stock...

Raza Pet-Nat NV - $18

From Vinho Verde, this is a blend of Padeiro and Vinhao fermented without inoculation and minimal sulfite additions. Juicy and fresh, with lots of ripe berry and subtle yeastiness.

Please email to place your orders or inquiries.

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