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Jo Landron: a great winemaker, one of the finest mustaches in the universe, a friendly, insightful, intellectual fellow, a farmer at heart, a man of the earth, dedicated to organic and biodynamic agriculture, making wines of elegance and finesse, wines that are not expensive yet are found on very fancy wine lists... you should get to know Jo.

He always makes a bubbly wine, and for the first time in a long time it is not a blend, but a varietal bottling, a pure Folle Blanche. Not a celebrated grape, Folle Blanche literally translates to "crazy white", which is perhaps in reference to its vigorous and prolific growth and production. In any case, you don't see a varietal Folle very often, so we had to try the new cuvee right away. We loved it, and we imagine many of you will as well. Less toasty and rich than a Champagne, zippy and light, focused on pure fruit but full of intriguing earthy and herbal notes. You should try it.

Jo Landron 'Atmospheres' NV - $23

Aromas of crisp yellow apple and green pear, lemon, walnut skins, subtle spice and herbs, maybe asafoetida as it kinda reminds me of Papadams... zippy and fresh on the palate, bracing acidity and big bold bubbles. Not especially refined, but so pure and energetic, tart crunchy fruit persisting nicely alongside vague earthy and herbal notes. I love all things Landron, so I'm definitely biased, but if you like a good deal on very dry bubbles, this is so worth it.

Please send an email to to place your orders or inquiries.

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