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Recoltant-Manipulant: Jean Vesselle

Year in and year out, Champagne Jean Vesselle comes oft and warmly recommended at Craft and Cru. We focus on Champagne producers who grow their own grapes, and our conviction is strong: the brands are not worth it, the growers not only make more interesting wines, but they often represent better values. Vesselle is here to prove our point with ease; their pricing makes a mockery of the big names, and we honestly wouldn't care if we had to charge more for their wines, as they are delicious and do true justice to Champagne's exalted reputation.

Based in the Grand Cru rated village of Bouzy, where Pinot Noir rules, the Vesselle family's 11 hectare estate produces about 7000 cases of wine every year. They are a precious drop in the Champagne ocean, and we feel lucky to keep their wine in stock. Keeping their wine around, however, is not as easy as it used to be, and we occasionally run out these days. We want you to be able to take advantage when their wines are here, especially when the fabulous Extra Brut makes its yearly appearance.

Compared to the Brut Reserve, the Extra Brut is brighter and drier, more fresh and lively, with an assertive citrus and tart red fruit character, as well as an ethereal floral note and a more clear mineral signature. You'll find fresh tart fruit notes and minerality in the Brut Reserve as well, but here you'll get a softer texture on the palate as well as warm spice and a sweeter floral nuance. Both are excellent, and should not be missed.

Jean Vesselle Champagne Brut Reserve NV 375ml - $23

Jean Vesselle Champagne Brut Reserve NV - $40

Jean Vesselle Champagne Extra Brut NV - $46

Please send an email to to place your orders or inquiries.

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