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Toscana Rosso: Sesta di Sopra

"A small and little-known Brunello producer that, in my book, rates among the best of the best"

- Ian D'Agata

Sesta di Sopra is a staple on our shelves. They shouldn't be. Not because the wines aren't great. They are GREAT. They shouldn't be here all the time because Sesta di Sopra is one of the Brunello di Montalcino DOCG's best, and they make a very small amount of wine. Sesta di Sopra should sell out immediately and be hard to get...

That happens sometimes, with certain hyped vintages, but usually we can get what we want, and we feel privileged to keep their bottles around.

We tried their 2022 Toscana Rosso recently and loved it. I forgot about the bottle for a couple days and went back to it thinking it would be toast, but to my surprise it was fresh and fruity, showing no deleterious effects of oxidation. This bottle only had about half a glass missing, and it was kept in a relativley cool space for those few days, so it had those factors in its favor, but I was nonetheless very impressed.

Sesta di Sopra's Toscana Rosso is ostensibly immature Brunello. It comes from their high-elevation organic vineyards in the Castelnuovo dell'Abate zone of the Brunello di Montalcino DOCG. Made from their youngest vines, and released young and fresh, fruit is the focus, but there's a bit of Brunello seriousness too...

Sesta di Sopra Toscana Rosso 2022 - $25

Holding up great after being open 4 days! I'm really surprised. There was only a bit missing from the bottle, but I'm still impressed. Fruity and open-knit on day one, on day four it is ebullient on the nose, redolent of ripe cherries and plums, with nuances of dried herbs, rose and sun-warmed terracotta tiles. Primary and fruity on the palate, nice tanginess and some pretty serious tannic structure, but overall quite friendly and fruit-focused. This will be worth following a few years, but no need to wait.

As usual, this wine will combine with others to get 10% off a mix of 6 bottles, or 12% off a mix of 12 bottles.

Please ask questions or place orders by emailing

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