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Who Cares about Vouvray? We Do....... We Really Do

Loire Valley Chenin Blanc makes it on the very short list of the world's greatest wine values every time. The situation is absurd (the wines are so good! so many should be more expensive!) but a boon for savvy collectors. Even when it comes to the most famous name in Loire Valley Chenin, that name is Vouvray, there are incredible values to be found...

Enter Bernard Fouquet and his fabulous wines made at Domaine des Aubuisieres. A top producer of Vouvray by any measure, his wines are paragons of Chenin's nobility, and have been lauded for decades, yet they remain incredibly reasonably priced. Over 15 years ago, David Schildknecht wrote the following: For some time now, Bernard Fouquet has been moving the quality of his distinctive, largely stainless steel-rendered Vouvrays into the exalted echelon of Foreau and Huet, which is to say challenging any of the world’s finest practitioners of white wine, and at an absolutely unbeatable price: quality ratio.

Are you interested in a bottle from one of "the world's finest practicioners of white wine"? You should be, and you should consider buying a case to follow it over many years. From personal experience, I know that Fouquet's 2009 Cuvee de Sliex is still fresh and delicious, with great years ahead of it. There are many fine values to be found in Loire Chenin, but Fouquet's Silex stands out as something extraordinary.

Bernard Fouquet Vouvray 'Cuvee de Silex' 2021 - $25

Aromas of green pear, quince, sweet citrus, vague flowers and green flower buds, hints of nut oils and fresh mushrooms too... wet wool?* not really but maybe, this is delicate and ethereal, and full of mystery on the nose. On the palate,, it has deep fruit and mineral elements to contend with the acid, but goodness does the acid rip, and what a beautiful line it cuts. There are intense stony notes, luscious fruits flit about constantly, subtle herbal and floral tones amplify as the fruit fades and that acid muscle floors it to carry everything long. This has an intense finish, quite tart and staining, really something for a wine at this price. It should be worth following decades if taken care of.

As usual, this wine will combine with others to get 10% off a mix of 6 bottles, or 12% off a mix of 12 bottles... but this is a wine to stock up on by itself, so we're happy to offer 15% off if you want a full case. The wine will arrive next week.

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