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You're the 'In Crowd': Jouan Coteaux Bourguignons

A friend and esteemed colleague in the wine biz got a bottle of 2019 Philippe Jouan Coteaux Bourguignons from us last week, and his feedback was so on point, I felt I should share it:

*&%$#@! thing is a peach

For a ripe vintage, still excellent sweet-tart & savory fruits. Suave, yet very electric. This one is def for the ‘in crowd’, but boyo does it deliver well beyond that.

You're the 'in crowd' today, because nobody else in MA has this wine. You're also the 'in crowd' because you, our dear customers, support us in our mission to keep an excellent selection of Burgundy on our shelves. Don't ignore this peach, it is a beautiful bottle of old-vine Pinot Noir that speaks very clearly of its origins, the outskirts of Morey-St. Denis, in Burgundy's Cote de Nuits. Drink it on a crisp summer evening with grilled meats, or save it for roast duck in October, or cassoulet in January... this is Burgundy built for easy enjoyment.

Philippe Jouan Coteaux Bourguignons 'Cuvee Thomas' 2019 - $40

Aromas of sweet dark plum, blackberry, strawberry, alpine breeze, privet blossom and iris, a little seared beef and chopped turnips. Juicy and tangy on the palate, joyful fruit, easy tannins, incisive acids, engaging floral and earthy inner perfume. Tangy ripe blackberry note lingers beautifully.

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