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Nervy Pink Brilliance: Nervi-Conterno.... yes THAT Conterno

Roberto Conterno had been quietly working with Nervi, Gattinara's largest landowner, for years before he bought the place, which was huge news in the Nebbiolosphere. Apparently land prices in the area immediately increased, which only makes sense, as the Conterno name is attached to some seriously expensive bottles of Barolo. Anyway, today we happily present you with Nervi-Conterno's fabulous 2019 rosato, one of the most delicious pink wines we tasted in 2020, at a severely reduced price. Sometimes, but not often, you can get the best stuff cheap!

Nervi-Conterno 'Il Rosato' 2019 - was $25.... now $16

100% Nebbiolo. Airy aromas of herbs, caraway, sweet almond, peach, red berry and citrus. Juicy and fresh on the palate, with beautiful mineral, herbal and pithy notes providing counterpoint to the fruit. This is long and intense, very dry and stony, with lingering juicy citrus and crunchy stone fruits, as well as subtle pithy and herbal tones. It is a summery and refreshing style, but that doesn't mean it's not serious. Decant this if you plan to serve it in one go, or drink it over two days, as it has a little CO2 and needs to open up. It will be worth following for another year or two, at least.

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