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The Notorious Elodie: Domaine Alain Michelot

The name of the Domaine may be Alain Michelot, but for several vintages the person behind the label is Elodie Michelot, Alain's daughter. Alain's wines had a certain reputation for sturdiness, one might even say hardness, and tended to greatly emphasize the earthy and meaty side of Pinot Noir. Elodie has not shirked her family's established style, but since she has taken full control of the Domaine, the wines are more forgiving, with finer tannins, less extraction and a fresher fruit character. All this said, the wines emerging from Elodie's cellars are the definition of old-school Burgundy, with gorgeous foresty, earthy and savory tones, and plenty of potential to improve with cellaring.

Accessible Burgundy is a must for us, and because they are reasonably priced, we tend keep a good stash of Elodie's wines around. The best of them deserve far more recognition, though all of them are worth your attention. Elodie's entry-level Bourgogne is a gem in any vintage, but the 2019 is the best I've had. It is not hard to find, and it is not worth saving too long, but it is a rare bird in its own way, being an unusually characterful introduction to affordable Burgundy.

Michelot Bourgogne 2019 - $32

The best version I've ever had, this is delicious today. Straightforward and fresh, great crunchy berry notes, beautiful earthy and bloody nuance. Tangy and a little herbal and leafy on the finish, but fruit puts up a good front. This will soften for a few years, and it should be a real pleasure to follow that development. Super classic sturdy Bourgogne.

.... we also have a few serious examples of Elodie's talents. If you know someone born in either 2016 or 2019, you might consider a couple bottles for their 21st birthday. The 2016s are very limited, just one bottle of Les St. Georges and three Vaucrains.

Michelot Nuits-St. Georges 1er cru 'Les Vaucrains' 2016 - $90

Michelot Nuits-St. Georges 1er cru 'Les St. Georges' 2016 - $92

Michelot Nuits-St. Georges 1er cru 'Les St. Georges' 2019 - $99

... mix 3 bottles of Michelot, and we'll knock 15% off your order...

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