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Red Champagne: Gerbais Coteaux Champenois

Still red wine is made in Champagne. You will not find a lot stateside, but they are here. Gerbais is one of our favorite growers in Champagne, and their bubbles are well worth seeking out, but they also make one of the best still wines we've had from Champagne, and at a reasonable price*. If you're into Pinot Noir**, you owe it to yourself to try a Coteaux Champenois at some point.

Gerbais Coteaux Champenois 2019 - $55

This note is from 24 hours after opening with half the bottle missing, it has definitely improved, exhibiting very pure fresh fruit. Berries, mint, pine forest, a little smoky tea and blue flowers, this has a complex leafy/botanical character without coming across green, which is a nice trick. Pretty light, with lively acids, but there's beautiful silky texture on the mid-palate, mild tannins, fresh wild berry fruit is the focus, though there are diverse forest and mineral nuances. Finishes long on the berry notes, but soil, stone, and leaf tones flit about as well. Primary today, but I could see this becoming fully mature in the next 5 years, might be worth following longer though, hard to tell.

*reasonable for Champagne, that is, where still wines are quite rare and wineries charge accordingly

**there are still wines in Champagne made from other grapes, but most of what you're going to see is Pinot Noir

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